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A little studio time with [personal profile] shardofwinter

If Grace is anything, she's certainly a creature of habit, and so she's already been in the studio a couple of hours. It's an odd feeling, warming up alone; usually she's with a few of her colleagues or her partner, catching up with them while they stretch themselves into pretzels and wake themselves up.

But then again, since she's arrived here, when have her days been 'usual'?

She's dressed in her studio gear - tights and shorts over a black leotard, with grey leg warmers that have seen better days indeed - and is currently sat on the floor in what looks like a horrendously uncomfortable position. Somehow though, she looks quite content, amusing herself with her phone while she waits for Reynard to arrive. She has no idea how this will go, or whether they'll get much done, but she has no doubt it'll be a laugh whatever happens.
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Usually when Reynard is convinced to abandon his standard clothing it's for a far more elaborate and similarly old fashioned costume. This is an oddity in the Nexus. Reynard in a t-shirt and things that look suspiciously like tracksuit trousers and... trainers? If it weren't for the persistent beard he'd look like a new man. Even though the things he wears look like they've been through the wars a few times.

"Grace." He greets her with his customarily broad smile when he walks into the room. It only widens when it sinks in how she's 'sitting'. "I hope you're not asking me to be that flexible."
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Bending at the waist, he gives her a small bow. "It's my pleasure."

It's only as he steps further into the room that he admits, "I don't have many excuses to dance any more. Not unless I make them."

He begins to stretch as he moves. Nothing anywhere near as extreme as what Grace has already displayed, but something to help loosen him up a bit.
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"I'll let you reserve judgement on that," he returns with a self-depreciating grin. Enjoy it, he only avoids arrogance for the people he likes.

With the appearance of the video he stops to pay it close attention. After he pays her a bit of attention, eyes flickering across her face when she comes close. He grins wide at her jesting and then nods with her run down of things.

"So support you and step on my own toes, not yours. I can do that." He smirks and then tilts his head at her. "I'm not actually a prince, however. I take orders well, and it will do you good to give me plenty."

(That is a particularly lovely video! I'll be watching that a few times!)
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"Sick of your beautiful voice? Never." He's matching her smirk when she hands him the phone. His brow lifts as she sets him his first task, and his grin widens when she questions his strength. This cheeky yet firm side of her is both interesting and amusing to see. It distracts him momentarily from what she asked of him, but the second he realises, it's back to studying the video.

It takes a couple of minutes and a bit of humming before he speaks again. "I think I'm ready to try this… Is there a technique to this? To make sure I support you without hurting you?"

(They are indeed!)
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Watching her careful instructions has the added benefit of giving him an excuse to look her over again, though he is paying attention and not staring purely for the view. Once she's done, he nods and sets her phone down by her iPod.

"That sounds easy enough." He walks over to where he suspects he'll be starting from, and does his best not to look obvious about thinking through what he's revised. "Let's have a go then."
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She might not /mean/ to be showing off...

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Not a dancer of her style, no, but he has danced before. Even if those dances were more energetic and brazen than the grace she's looking for from him. He knows how to take large, gracious steps into position.

When she moves in front of him at the correct time he doesn't pause or hesitate. Confidence is a gift of the long-lived. He sets his hands on her waist, under her ribs, and lifts in a smooth rise and equally well controlled fall. If she looks back he's only smirking a little. "You're light as a feather, my dear."
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... Like showing off.

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"One focused on ballet, I think," he quips back brightly. Whenever he does catch her eye in the mirror he's sure to smile back, though the rest of the time he'll be concentrating on when, where and how to lift and hold her.

It feels strange to do this. Compared to the dances he's used to, this is slow, calm, and focused on maintaining discipline and precision. And while he's not a professional dancer, he is a good partner. As he said, he takes direction well and quickly, as well as being intuitive about where she wants him.
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When she pauses for a break he's all too happy for it. There are muscles he's not used to using that now ache unhappily. Still, he grins right on back at her. "I told you I was a quick study, and that I've danced before."
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"It all looked more than perfect to me." There's a pause and he grins widely at her. "And you did well too."
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It's both rewarding and amusing to see her play along to his little game. He watches her acting with a large, crooked grin. But she's quick off the mark to set them back to practicing. So he nods and saunters over to his starting position, only taking his hands from his hips once he's prompted to move.

"Your stage partner will be jealous when you go home," he says when she comes close. "To hear you found someone else to practice with."
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His scoff is almost a snort. "I don't buy that for a second."

Contrary to what she might think, as they finish the second round Reynard stretches a bit and, setting his hands on his hips, smiles at her. "Again?"

It's just starting to feel like practice as it used to be. Repetition, repetition, repetition. None of the many skills he learned were gained without continuous practice and use of them. Though it has been a while since he picked up something new.
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Despite her worries, it may be Grace they should both be worrying about. Reynard is used to long hours of hard labour with little to no breaks or food to keep him going. That isn't the life he leads now, but it is exceptionally easy for him to fall back into that automatic perseverance.

He will continue to help her, repeating the scene as many times as she likes, with fewer and fewer moments to break until he's going to his starting point the second they finish. It doesn't hurt that Grace is clearly pleased every time she makes progress. Reynard can't see what that progress is, but he can tell when she looks happier with herself.
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Though he laughs, he shakes his head, stretching his arms back and forth before holding his hands in front of him. "A slab of steak, mashed potatoes, peas and carrots on the side. All smothered in gravy." He lets his hands drop. "That's what you should be looking for."

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