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Oct. 2nd, 2016 10:48 pm
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If Grace is anything, she's certainly a creature of habit, and so she's already been in the studio a couple of hours. It's an odd feeling, warming up alone; usually she's with a few of her colleagues or her partner, catching up with them while they stretch themselves into pretzels and wake themselves up.

But then again, since she's arrived here, when have her days been 'usual'?

She's dressed in her studio gear - tights and shorts over a black leotard, with grey leg warmers that have seen better days indeed - and is currently sat on the floor in what looks like a horrendously uncomfortable position. Somehow though, she looks quite content, amusing herself with her phone while she waits for Reynard to arrive. She has no idea how this will go, or whether they'll get much done, but she has no doubt it'll be a laugh whatever happens.

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"You shouldn't just be careful, you should be selfish," he tells her with a hint of a smile. "With the lengths you push yourself. No one else is going to take care of you. You need to pamper yourself like the queen you are."

Cheesiness for the vegan

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A hand thuds on his chest as his palm goes over his heart. His brow shoots up and he keeps a straight face, even if his words are a little playful. "I am a firm believer in healthy selfishness, and if you don't realise your worth, the least I can do is help remind you."

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"Ah, so you've realised that you've perfected that scene! Very good!" He can't help but joke with her, especially not when she plays along so well. Bending slightly at the waist, his arm sweeps outward. "What would you like me to help you with next?"

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When the video reaches the series of more elaborate lifts, Reynard's eyes shift to Grace, sliding up and down before he refocuses on the video. He had seriously forgotten how much dancing involved holding a woman by the waist. He's certainly not going to complain, however.

"This won't be hard for you, then." He leans closer, grinning slightly and in a low voice rumbles, "Everything you do is beautiful."

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Well that's him told!

Except not. His brow rises and falls in amusement, and he doesn't tear his eyes away from the screen again. That doesn't stop him from talking, though. "Originally people danced for one of two reasons. To have fun or to show off. I think my concentration is on point."

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"Both," he confirms right off the bat.

When it comes to her silent challenge, he quirks an eyebrow at her and takes the phone slowly. "Careful, my dear, that's almost a dare. I've already impressed you with how good a partner I am, do you really doubt I'd impress you further?"

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That flickering of his eyes up and down her with a considering smile pulling up half his face is a sure sign that she has him thinking. He sets the phone down by her music player before he goes back to her.

"Maybe sometime I should show you how a man dances to truly show off," he suggests not-so-slyly.

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((XD Soon, flatmate, soon))

"I have more than a few ways to impress you yet."

He moves to take up his position, doing a couple of stretches as he goes. This time when they run through, however, he fully intends to be as much like her partner as he can be. True, he doesn't remember everything, but he's going to take a few damn good guesses and any cues she gives him to his advantage.

"Whenever you're ready, my dear."
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Reynard would hardly blame her for any nervous laughter. Really, any laughter is pleasant to his mind, for one reason or another. It helps that his age and experience ensure that he knows nothing truly bad can go wrong here. Instead he's free to let his confidence take over, to do his best and enjoy the dance.

Truthfully it feels strange to him because of the silence between them. Normally talking is par for the course with spending time with new friends. Allowing himself to embrace getting to know Grace in how they move together is met with (very slight) hesitance. It also doesn't help that as much as he wants to show off, he has to do so with grace and control rather than power and strength. The adjustment is odd, but the difference is nice.

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There's something freeing about it, once he gives in to it. No matter how long lived you are, there is always a subtle tie of conformity that comes with the base desire to fit in.

When the scene comes to an end, however, he does pull at his shirt collar a bit. Good as he is at staying cool, he's usually out in cold winds when doing his preferred exercise.

"As you like." He could probably go on for longer. Even if he would be tempted to ask for a fan or to open all the windows wide. Stopping works just as well though.

Her enthusiastic suggestion gets him to break from his preparation for the next round with a smile and rise of his eyebrows. "I could take notes." A second and then, "One of your shows or watching with you?"

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((:o I would love to see!))

"I will have to come and see you," he declares with certainty. He tips his head to exaggerate his cheeky look as he grins. "What sort of partner would I be if I wasn't there to support you on opening night?"

Tough as constant dancing can be, Reynard doesn't have to stand on the tips of his toes. Even if he did have to, he wouldn't know how. So it surprises him to see Grace wincing and bleeding.

"I would expect your thoughts are more on how that must hurt," he tells her with no shortage of concerned disapproval in his voice. Coming closer, he hovers a bit. "Is there something I can do?"

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(( :D I love it!))

"Perhaps you don't eat enough then," he tells her as he picks up her bag. While he may not have lectured her about her eating habits, that doesn't mean he approves. Dairy and meat are two of life's simplest essentials, in his mind. But for now it's one of two concerns to occupy his attention.

Setting the bag down beside her, he rocks back to give her some space. "You go through this every time you dance?"

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It takes restraint not to comment on her name calling. She isn't yet privy to his age or what he is, so he takes a deep breath and looks around the room, setting his hands on his hips before he looks at her again. Withholding jokes and jibes is a difficult thing sometimes.

He's not a squeamish person by any means, but he does wrinkle his nose at her description of things. "A cruel thing to put someone so pretty through."

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