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Aug. 11th, 2016 11:17 pm
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Name: Grace Ford
Age: 21
From?: Guildford, England
Hair: Red - usually in a bun or ponytail. Naturally it's quite curly, but is usually straight if she can be bothered to get out the GHDs
Eyes: Blue/grey
Skin: Pale, lightly freckled
Height: 5'11
Birthday: 5.11.1994
Occupation?: First Soloist  in the Royal Ballet Company


Dancing, amateur photography, youtube, reading, self care/pampering, shopping, scrap-booking (she keeps any ticket stubs or tiny pieces of memorabilia from interesting places she's been), social media (definite IG addict)

Usually seen wearing; leggings or skinny jeans, comfortable boots, crop tops in summer or oversized t-shirts and cardigans. Always cardigans - if it's not on her, she's probably tied it around her waist or it's stuffed in her bag. While she loves fashion, Grace will generally prioritise comfort over style to a degree.


- Her physical capability
- Hard working
- Friendly  - she loves to be with people
- Very kind
- Loyal


- Stubborn
- Has a tendency to hold grudges
- Can be passive aggressive when she's angry
- Very competitive when it comes to her work

Some facts:

- She's been vegan for the past two years
- She loves period dramas 
- Her favourite colour is green
- She loves to cook
- She loves singing, but doesn't think she's very good at it
- She has a collection of cacti and succulents. So far she has around seven of each, potted in old mugs and soup bowls. 

Never seen without (3 things)

- Her phone
- Bobby pins (her bag is usually full of them)
- Something edible - she's like a vacuum when it comes to food


Born and raised in the South East of England, Grace is an only child who has been dancing pretty much since she could walk. She started ballet lessons when she was three, and ever since then has lived and breathed it. While dancing wasn't quite the future her parents saw for her, they're supportive of her and did all they could to help her achieve what she always wanted; a job in a prestigious ballet company. One day, she hopes to become a principal dancer in America.

Grace is a hard-worker and is very ambitious when it comes to her work -  she prides herself in what she does and therefore does everything she can to make sure she performs at 100% as often as possible. Therefore she takes very good care of herself both physically and mentally; but she is also one to appreciate balance. As much as she enjoys her job, she also knows the importance of a day off every once in a while. Whether that means going to the beach, a theme park, a museum, whatever, she's a happy camper. She's also got a good sense of humour, and would rather try to diffuse a confrontation than argue or fight. 

When she was younger, Grace was somewhat spoiled, and had a bad tendency to go over the top with her spending. After all, she was her parent's only child and their little princess. But they were careful to teach her the value of money, and once she was in her early teens, she was expected to earn her allowance. Now that she's older and responsible for not only her own rent and bills, but also work supplies, she's learned to be more careful with her finances, which in turn has led to her learning to enjoy simpler (cheaper) ways of spending her time. That being said, an occasional shopping trip never hurt anyone, right? Her parents are happy to help her if she really needs it, but she does enjoy being financially dependent.

She also loves being outdoors, whether it's hiking, camping or just exploring new places for the first time.

Grace will try most things once, and she loves to travel. Unfortunately she hasn't gotten to do much of it since working with the RBC, but one day she plans to move to America and hopefully tour the country, closely followed by going to Italy and India.

While she doesn't like to and doesn't make a habit of it, Grace is a decent liar. Generally though, she prefers to be honest wherever possible.  She'd hand a bag of money to the police instead of keeping it, for example.

Sexuality and relationships:

Grace is heterosexual, but hasn't got a whole lot of experience on the dating scene. She's had a couple of boyfriends in the past, but nothing since she was eighteen or so. For the most part, this suits her pretty well as her life is too busy to feasibly entertain a relationship, but if the opportunity arose, she would do her best to make it work. 

She's definitely a romantic at heart; flowers, beach walks, adventures in the forest/the mountains, stargazing are just a few of her favourite things to do with someone special (or with a friend, either way!) She also loves surprising partners and friends with little gifts, and enjoys showing affection openly. She loves deeply and sincerely, but that's not to say she takes things too seriously; if she's committed to a friendship or a romantic relationship, she's loyal and supportive to boot.


Grace is agnostic, but doesn't think much on religion or how it might apply to her.


Colour? - Green

Smell? - Woodsmoke

Weather? - Thunderstorms

Food? - Italian

Animal? - Dog (Greyhounds or Great Danes are her favourite breeds)

Music? - Her taste is definitely varied, ranging from pop songs she grew up listening to, to rock and some metal. Usually, the louder the music, the more stressed she is, and listening to someone else yelling tends to help her decompress

Movies? - Anything set in the Tudor era or generally historic will be well received. Oddly, she also loves horror - she literally can't get enough of it. Creepier the better, though she really dislikes torture or gratuitous body horror.

What is she scared of? - Injury is probably her biggest fear. Anything that could stop her dancing either temporarily or permanently is something she doesn't want to think about. Other than that, Grace isn't really scared of much. She's quite practical, so even after watching a horror film in the dark, she's not likely to get freaked out crossing the room to turn the light back on, for example.

What motivates her? - Getting promoted to Principal. She takes her work very seriously, and getting promoted is something she intends to do by the time she's 23, although she would prefer it if it came earlier still.

3 biggest dislikes;

- Feeling bored. Grace is terrible with boredom; she fidgets, she fiddles, and she gets irritable easily when left bored for too long, and will generally do all she can to put it off
- Rudeness/inconsideration in others
- Being deprived of food. Sounds kind of general and obvious, but Grace doesn't handle hunger well at all. 'Hangry' is a good way to describe her when this occurs

If she was given ten thousand pounds, what she do with it?

For the most part, save it. But with that much money, she'd probably buy so many pointe shoes and dance supplies she'd need another room in her flat in which to keep them. The rest would go on the usual; clothes, food, a new laptop, a bigger apartment most likely. 'Typical millennial crap'.

3 songs that sum her up: 'I wanna dance with somebody' - Whitney Houston

                                              'Famous' -  Skillet

                                              'A voice that carries' - Bonnie McKee


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